Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Unworthy I Stand

My love for You, O Lord,

Is an unending sea.

With depths so great,

The bottom cannot be seen.

Unworthy of Your love, I stand,

Fully enveloped in Your arms.

Despite my pride,

My vanity, my judging nature,

You take me in.

In lack of faith You show Yourself,

In fear You are calming.

Though I stand a sinner,

Unworthy of Your grace,

Unworthy of Your love,

You give it freely.

Thank You will never be enough,

My appreciation could never be fully shown.

Always unworthy will I stand,

Enveloped in Your arms of love.

The Lord is amazing. We are all sinners, all unworthy of His grace and His love, yet He chooses to give it. We deserve an eternity in hell, yet the Lord loves us so much He has given us a way to heaven. Never will we be worthy of His grace, yet it rains down on us. Blessed be His name. Blessed be the Lord our God.

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