Thursday, February 12, 2009


Why is it that what God wants from us most happens to be the hardest thing to give? Our faith. Why is it we can say we have all the faith in God, until we hit a problem. As soon as things go wrong, isn't it in our nature to lose faith? To try to handle things ourselves, rather than hand them up to God, having faith that He will handle them?

Now, I admit I have problems in this department myself. When things get hard, my first instinct is to handle the situation myself. I will try to find every crack to examine, trying to get myself out of whatever it is I've gotten into. Let's just say, this isn't a good idea. I have fallen flat on my face more often than I would like to admit, because I didn't want to let God help me. Not just that I didn't WANT to let God help me, but I didn't BELIEVE He would. I didn't have FAITH in His abilities to save me, get me out of whatever I was in.

Some of the things we have trouble handing to God are small, virtually nothing (at least to Him). So here's the question: If we can't have faith God will take care of the small things, how can we have faith in the big things?

Just a thought.