Monday, November 17, 2008

Why College Degrees?

What is it with our society that we put so much store into college degrees? Why is it like that, really? We seem to feel that in order to achieve "greatness" we need to go to college. Well, I disagree with society on this subject. People now turn their noses up to what we classify as blue-collar jobs. Well, guess what, those jobs, those people in those jobs, are the backbone of our nation. We would fall apart without them. And you know what, it doesn't take a college degree to keep them running. The most you need is vocational school. That's what it takes to be a welder, or a pharmacy or x-ray technician, or for jobs as court reporters or transcriptionist's. I myself am doing vocational school for office administration.

The thing is, if God wants you to do "great" things, He will provide you with the means. However, serving God doesn't require a college degree. Whatever He wants for you He will provide the means to do it. All you need is faith in Him and absolute willingness to do what He calls you to do. It doesn't take a college degree to work in a ministry.

I'll admit, I have a desire to go to college and get that degree. I know that for what I want to do it would be a helpful thing to have. Well, God has other plans, apparently. I now find myself in a situation where I cannot go back to college when I would like. At first I was a little upset, then I began to pray about it. As I said, to do what I want to do, a college degree would be helpful; However, it is no necessary. I feel that my life goal is something God put there for me, and I know He will get me there in His own way.

So why does our society put so much store in a college degree? I have no idea, but I do know that if you are willing to serve God wholeheartedly, it isn't necessary unless He says it is.